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  • A targeted approach to finding who you want, faster!

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Terms & Conditions

Parties:“GMMD” refers to GetMeMoreDates.Com. “Customer” refers to an individual who, upon successfully submitting payment to GMMD, receives services. 
Services: Upon receipt of payment, GMMD provides to the customer a maximum of a 60-minute telephone interview to determine the contents of the dating profile.  Once completed, the dating profile will be emailed to the customer within 5 business days. Should the customer require a revision, GMMD agrees to provide a maximum of three free revisions, and no refunds.  It is up to the client to contact GMMD and relay the desired changes within 5 business days of receiving the dating profile.   
Dating Profile refers to the written descriptor created by GMMD for the customer.
Confidentiality: GMMD will not share a customer’s information with anyone other than the customer, and will communicate with the customer through the telephone number and email address provided by the customer.  GMMD is in no way responsible for who, other than the customer, may access the customer’s email and read communications from GMMD.
Success Tracking: GMMD will send you a short survey 3 months after services have been completed.   All information will be anonymous and will be used to track results only.  
Responsibility:  GMMD is not liable, nor responsible to the customer or any other parties, for the number of dates they go on, people they meet, or dating experiences they have, in any way, shape or form.  The customer agrees to the fullest extent permitted by law, to hold harmless GMMD, its directors, employees and sub-contractors (collectively, GMMD) against all damages, costs and liabilities arising out of, or in any way connected with this service.  This agreement makes up the entire agreement between the parties.  

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